Micro World provides comprehensive software solutions for IT Help Desk, Asset Management, Software Audit, and accurate Inventory Tracking. Micro World offers services which can control the diverse IT business assets and automate the process of tracking configuration, users, PC locations and other critical asset information.
Asset Management

  Our service engineers help IT managers maintain their IT infrastructure in an easy and cost
  effective fashion  by:

  • Verifying software license compliance.
  • Performing automated inventory of hardware configurations and installed software products
  • Facilitating problem resolution for hardware or software failures
  • Maintaining a comprehensive knowledge management base
  • Preparing for software transitions including OS migrations and application upgrades
  • Assessing opportunities for cost savings

  Our services suite includes:

  • Automatic tracking of  computer assets, software, peripherals and other assets with a 
    24x7 call time with online access
  • Verification of  software license compliance 
  • Customization of  existing report templates
  • Consultation and development of custom reports
  • Export and Import of data and reports to and from various formats

Hardware & Software Inventory Services  

Micro World offers a wide range of hardware and software inventory features to collect accurate and up-to-date information from the PCs on your network.


Hardware Inventory

  • BIOS Information 

  • OS Information 

  • CPU Information 

  • Memory Information 

  • Network Information 

  • Hard Disk information, including mapped drives and network shares 

  • Printers 

  • Video System

  • Attached devices

Software Inventory

  • Installed software packages 
  • Software License Compliance New Software Recognition Manager for ultimate recognition of installed software based on registry & file version information
  • Startup list 
  • Installed software engines
  • Environment variables

    Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
    Remote Video Surveillance
    Remote Monitoring
    Spam Filtering
    Asset Tracking
    Technology Assesment
    Systems Integration
    Web Design & Development
    Laser Printer Service & Supplies
    Federal Contracts
    State of California
    State of Texas