Micro World offers reliable, secure, automated backup and recovery services to data dependent companies. Our system-driven methodology assures fail-safe backup solutions that exceeds customer expectations and assures recovery at the time of data loss or destruction. By utilizing best of breed software, bandwidth and a world-class data center, we deliver highly available backup and recovery services over the Internet and VPN's 
Offsite Data Backup

To provide the highest possible levels of service and expertise and to help customers attain their business and technology objectives our consultants work closely with the product development and key management to ensure the success of a project. 

Our services include:

  • Touch-free backups scheduled to run each night
  • Highly secure data centers with redundancy and replication for data protection
  • Bank-grade encryption with secure transmission 
  • Offsite data storage
  • Optional monthly CD-ROM archives to free up hard drive space


The Micro World Advantage


- Manage all backup operations for local and remote servers from one centralized administrator. Schedule desired retention copies with ease, eliminating the need for tape labeling and indexing. Redistribute valuable IT personnel to more focused strategic projects.

Reliable and Fast
Technical Support – Our technical support team can complete most Client installations in under five minutes, and can handle the toughest technical problems with ease.

– Micro World utilizes the industry's strongest and fastest encryption algorithm for the ultimate in data security and protection. Blowfish is a symmetric block cipher accepting a variable-length key up to 256 bits, making it ideal for both domestic and exportable use. Since its initial release in 1993, the Blowfish code has never been cracked. In fact, a 256-bit Blowfish encryption key would take 2.1x1096 BILLION powerful computers, each capable of trying one BILLION keys per second to try every possible combination of bits in a 256-bit key. In other words, your data is ultra-secure with us.

Disaster Recovery 
Proven, reliable and secure, our backup and disaster recovery services provide you with a backup solution designed to do more than just meet your current data demands. The disaster recovery systems will provide you with a scalable backup solution designed to grow along with your company in need of a fire, tornado, earthquake, flood and other means. Your data is still protected and available, on-demand - 24x7x365.

Instantly off site
when backup starts, data is instantly sent off site to the regional mass storage vault.

More secure than tape
The backup software that we use encrypts its backups using your choice of eight of the strongest cryptographic methods in the world for complete security so nobody, not even the Service Provider, can read these files.

Fast restoration
files are restored in minutes, not hours or even days. New, changed, deleted or moved files can be restored in a backup location within a new folder. Simply navigate within your familiar directory structure, select the appropriate folder(s) and/or file(s) and click "Restore Now". Upon request, each file is reconstituted with all of the appropriate incremental backups and immediately and securely transported to your computer where it is decrypted, uncompressed and restored to its original (or optionally temporary) location

Custom Configuration Services –
We can custom configure your system for specific clients or groups of clients. We can set up default installation options for you, modify the splash screens and "about" screens on your Client software, set up custom schedules and file sets, and more.

Detailed audit trail
each and every backup includes a detailed electronic audit trail emailed to you each and every day.

On-site or Our Site
– Our Consulting Services can be delivered at your site either through teleconferencing or travel.

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