Micro World provides a systems management tool that continuously monitors your servers’ availability and performance. In the event of a network error, our consultants will be alerted before the problem persists or becomes uncontrollable. They will correct it without having someone from your company get involved and help protect your company’s data to reduce the likelihood of costly network failures.
Remote Monitoring

Quick Response 

  • We know the issues affecting your network, and can respond before they become critical. 
  • Intuitive comprehensive “central dashboard” keeps us informed on the health of your network. Its color-coded for fast problem determination (red, yellow, green). 
  • Automatic alert dispatch to us for guaranteed quick response to problems at your site. 

Security Monitoring 

  • Flags unauthorized access attempts. 
  • Allows you to control the software content at your site. 
  • Ensures that your business resources are used appropriately – not for high-bandwidth interactive games or illegal peer-to-peer sharing. 
  • Flags account lockouts. 
  • Patch inventory ensures your operating systems are up to date and not exposed to vulnerabilities. 

Detailed Site Level Inventory 

  • Automatically collected, ensuring accuracy. 
  • Up-to-date hardware, software and patch information.
  • Reports for planning and problem diagnostics.

Graphical Performance Reporting 

  • Graphical view with service level threshold lines for easy-to-read performance reports. 
  • Provides you with a basis for capacity management and upgrade planning.
  • Automatically generated, ensuring accuracy.

Integrated Trouble Ticket System 

  • Trouble ticket system for problem logging, tech dispatch and resolution information.
  • Provides you with a tracking system for work done by us.

Remote Management and Communication 

  • We can remotely resolve issues (using a secure VPN system). 
  • Very low bandwidth requirements – does not slow down your network response time. 

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    Remote Video Surveillance
    Remote Monitoring
    Spam Filtering
    Asset Tracking
    Technology Assesment
    Systems Integration
    Web Design & Development
    Laser Printer Service & Supplies
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