Micro World provides a  Spam & Content Filtering Solution that a wide variety of filters to combat Spam, junk mail, email viruses, dangerous attachments and many other undesired email situations. We can attach disclaimers to outgoing email; archive all in and outgoing mail. We can also keep a detailed daily log and several informative statistics. 
Spam Filtering

Our Spam & Content Filter is designed for all versions of Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise and Unix Mail servers. Our services can be operated on the same machine as your mail server or on a different machine to support large installations or SMTP servers on different operating systems. 

Our Spam Lookup Services attacks Spam with 3 mail filters and conditional rules. Our service technicians test every incoming SMTP server and messages header reference in real time with these Spam relays. You can also add additional SLS, RBL, DNSBL services.

 Our Suite of Spam Filters

Locking Filter: it can block mail with text and string traps, scan the subject line, don't allow mail from some IP addresses, hosts or domains. Block mail to former employees and many more options It can also block messages with attachments

Bayes Filter: It reads all messages and rates them according to the good and bad words in its database. The Bayes filter builds its word database from the Spam the block filters. It can be fed by sending messages to it directly.

Heuristic Filter: a.k.a. Spam Assassin can be implemented right out of the box. This filter  calculates the possibility that the message is spam by considering a number of factors like words, subject, headers and more. 



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