Micro World can provide you with an efficient tool to aid you to quickly baseline your company's Information Technology status in various functional areas. This assessment will provide you with an introspective view of your IT spending vis--vis your business expenses.
Technology Assessment Services 
  • An effective broad spectrum IT management tool

  • Addresses and evaluates your IT related design, security, software and hardware issues

  • Supports project budgeting

  • Assists in project prioritization

  • Provides you with a wide range customizable business report templates

  • Effectively guides you in maximizing your IT business related Return on Investment

  • A well experienced, on the call, Micro World technician addresses your unique 'technical assessment' requirements


    Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
    Remote Video Surveillance
    Remote Monitoring
    Spam Filtering
    Asset Tracking
    Technology Assesment
    Systems Integration
    Web Design & Development
    Laser Printer Service & Supplies
    Federal Contracts
    State of California
    State of Texas